Colorado Attorney General Files Lawsuit to Block Proposed Kroger-Albertsons Merger

Colorado Attorney General Files Lawsuit to Block Proposed Kroger-Albertsons Merger

Colorado Attorney General Files Lawsuit to Block Proposed Kroger-Albertsons Merger

*Denver, February 14, 2024* — After a **yearlong investigation**, Colorado Attorney General **Phil Weiser** has taken decisive action to safeguard consumers and competition. Weiser filed a **lawsuit** in Denver District Court to **block the proposed $24.6 billion merger** between **Kroger** and **Albertsons**, two of the largest supermarket chains in Colorado.

## The Stakes

The merger, if allowed, would combine the forces of **King Soopers** (owned by Kroger) and **Safeway** (operated by Albertsons). These grocery giants already have a significant presence in Colorado, and their union could have far-reaching consequences for consumers, workers, and suppliers.

## Consumer Concerns

As food prices continue to rise, the prospect of undue consolidation in the grocery business raises serious concerns. Both King Soopers and Safeway serve as essential sources of sustenance for Coloradans. Any disruption to their operations could impact access to affordable groceries and essential goods.

## Competition and Market Saturation,by%20Albertsons%20employees%20in%20Denver.

Colorado’s supermarket landscape is already saturated. The proposed merger threatens to eliminate head-to-head competition, potentially leading to higher prices, reduced choices, and diminished quality. Attorney General Weiser’s office is committed to ensuring that Coloradans continue to benefit from a competitive marketplace.

## Protecting Workers and Suppliers

Beyond consumer interests, the lawsuit also considers the well-being of workers and suppliers. A merged entity might streamline operations, leading to layoffs or changes in employment conditions. Additionally, suppliers could face altered terms and conditions, affecting their livelihoods.

## Phil Weiser’s Commitment

In his statement, Attorney General Weiser emphasized the department’s responsibility to review mergers that could harm Colorado consumers. He stated, “At a time of rising food prices, the possibility of undue consolidation in the grocery business raises serious concerns, particularly since King Soopers and Safeway have a large footprint in Colorado. My department and I will closely monitor and review this proposed merger between Kroger and Albertsons to ensure it does not harm consumers or workers.”

## Legal Battle Ahead

The lawsuit seeks to halt the merger and maintain a competitive landscape in Colorado’s grocery industry. As the legal battle unfolds, Coloradans will watch closely to see how the courts weigh the interests of consumers, workers, and suppliers against the corporate ambitions of Kroger and Albertsons.

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**About the Colorado Attorney General’s Office:**

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office represents and defends the legal interests of the people of the State of Colorado. It exercises responsibilities related to consumer protection, antitrust laws, criminal appeals, and environmental matters. The office collaborates with district attorneys and law enforcement authorities to uphold justice and protect Coloradans’ rights².Kroger Albertsons merger
Albertsons Companies, Inc. traces its roots back to 1939, when it was founded by Joe Albertson in Boise, Idaho. The inaugural store was proudly touted as “Idaho’s largest and finest food store” in an ad published in the Idaho Statesman newspaper1.

Here’s a brief overview of the histories of both Kroger and Albertsons:

What is the history of Kroger and Albertsons?


Founding: Joe Albertson established the first Albertsons store in 1939.
Growth: Over the years, Albertsons expanded its footprint, becoming a significant player in the grocery industry.
Merger with Safeway: In January 2015, Albertsons merged with Safeway Inc. in a $9.2 billion deal. This consolidation brought together 1,075 supermarkets across 29 U.S. states under various banners.
Name Change: Albertsons, Inc. was reorganized as Albertsons LLC and later sold to AB Acquisition LLC, led by a Cerberus Capital Management-led consortium. In 2015, AB Acquisition changed its name to Albertsons Companies Inc..
Recent Developments: In October 2022, Kroger announced its intent to acquire Albertsons for $24.6 billion. The deal is expected to close in early 2024, pending regulatory approval1.



Early Years: Kroger has a long history dating back to its founding in 1883 by Bernard Kroger in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Growth and Expansion: Kroger steadily expanded its operations, acquiring other grocery chains and establishing a strong presence across the United States.

Kroger Albertsons merger

Proposed Merger with Safeway’s Parent Company: In 2022, Kroger announced its intention to acquire Safeway’s parent company, Albertsons, marking a significant milestone in the grocery industry23.
Both Kroger and Albertsons have played pivotal roles in shaping the American grocery landscape. As the proposed merger between these giants unfolds, consumers, workers, and suppliers eagerly await the outcom


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