Hermès Bags in Paris based luxury brand

Hermes Faces Class Action Suit Over Birkin Sales Practices

Hermes Bags


Hermes Bags is currently embroiled in a class action lawsuit in the United States, accused of unlawful “tying” practices related to its highly coveted Birkin handbags. Two California shoppers have filed the suit, alleging that they were required to purchase ancillary products from other categories (such as apparel, scarves, and homeware) before being granted the opportunity to buy the iconic Birkin bags.

The Allegations

The plaintiffs argue that Hermès violated US antitrust regulations by forcing customers to buy additional items unrelated to the Birkin bags. According to antitrust laws, certain practices of bundling goods or tying them to other purchases are considered an abuse of market power. The complaint emphasizes that the Birkin handbags are separate and distinct from the ancillary products, and customers should have the freedom to choose these items independently.


The Sales Associate Commission Structure of Hermès Bags

Hermes Bags

The lawsuit points to Hermès’ commission structure for sales associates as evidence of the alleged scheme. Unlike other luxury brands, where salespeople earn commissions on high-ticket items, Hermes Bags sales staff do not receive a commission on Birkin handbags. Instead, their compensation is tied to how effectively they promote other styles or categories. This practice allegedly incentivizes sales associates to push customers toward purchasing additional products before offering them the sought-after Birkin bags.

Features of Hermès Bags

Hermès handbags are noted for their superb workmanship, timeless design, and sumptuous materials. Each bag is precisely created by trained artisans, resulting in a degree of excellence that distinguishes Hermès from other luxury brands. Here are some features of Hermes bags:

High-quality material of Hermès Bags

The hardware, which includes clips, locks, and buckles, is made from high-quality metals such as palladium, gold, and brushed metal, which ensures durability and resistance to tarnishing.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Hermès bags are made from start to finish by a single artisan in the brand’s French factories. It provides continuity and attention to detail.


Made from high-quality leather, the Birkin bag is known for its spacious interior, double handles, and lock-and-key closure. It comes in various sizes and colors.

Growing Demand and Selective Distribution in Hermès Bags

Over the years, Hermès has witnessed a surge in demand for its iconic bags, particularly the Birkin and Kelly models. As the brand’s popularity soared, sales associates reportedly became increasingly strict about offering Birkins and Kellys only to clients who made substantial purchases across various categories. This strategy aims to ensure that the Hermès Bags are allocated to “real” clients rather than resellers, who contribute to the secondary market and drive up prices.

Hermès Bags Response

Hermes Bags

Hermès has denied the allegations of tying practices. In a statement to Business of Fashion, the brand emphasized that it strictly prohibits any sales of certain products as a condition for purchasing others. CEO Axel Dumas acknowledged that, while stores are encouraged to vet buyers, the goal is to attribute sold-out bags to genuine clients. The company aims to maintain the exclusivity and integrity of its products, even as demand continues to surge.

Industry-Wide Practices

Hermès is not the only luxury brand linked to such practices. Dealers of watchmaker Rolex have faced similar accusations, requiring shoppers to buy from sister brand Tudor before gaining access to Rolex timepieces. The delicate balance between exclusivity and meeting consumer demand remains a challenge for high-end brands worldwide.


As the legal battle unfolds, Hermès faces scrutiny over its sales practices. The outcome of this class action lawsuit could have implications for the luxury industry as a whole. For now, the allure of the Birkin bag remains undiminished, but the controversy surrounding its distribution practices continues to raise questions about fairness and accessibility.

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